Contender World Ranking


The Idea

This World Ranking list makes it possible to compare the performance of sailors from different nations which are not necessarily racing each other regularly.

The ICA committee hopes that the list will encourage people to participate in more races. You score points with each race you sail, so more races better your ranking!
At this time there are no prizes attached to the Ranking. However the Ranking may be used in the future as a basis for the initial seeding in Championships with split fleets.

How it works

The ranking list is continuously updated. Each race which meets minimum criteria as defined below is included as soon as the responsible National Class Association (NA) submits the results. The pointing is inverse, e.g in a series with 25 participants the winner gets 25 points and the last competitor gets 1. The points are allocated as per the final results of a series.

Depending on the status of the race, those points are multiplied with a weight factor. The ranking list works by the name of the sailor (since a sailor may race with different boats and sail numbers). Therefore it is critical that names are entered correctly in the events. A sailor who doesn't wish to be named, may ask the administrator to use an alias name. Sailors can get an account to see their scores from the database of the program.

Only sailors that have been registered by their NA with ICA appear in the Ranking.

Parameters which can be adjusted

  • Timespan: Two (2) years.
    Older races are automatically removed from the calculation. The first scheduled day of the race is the validation date.
  • Minimum number of boats competing per series: 5
  • Minimum number of races in a series as per notice of race: 4
  • Weight factors: 4 categories
    • Highest: World Championships (factor 2).
    • Second highest: European championships, American and Australian (national) championships (factor 1.8).
    • Third highest: any European national championships, regional/state championships in America and Australia (factor 1.5)
    • Lowest: any other event (factor 1), the event must consist of minimum four scheduled races as per NOR

These parameters will be adjusted as more race results become available to give a ranking picture that all can recognize.
Parameters are determined by the ICA committee and are not open to discussion.